Every Thing You need to know about CBD

What is CBD?

CBD the abrivation for cannabidiol, is a naturally occoring compound found in the hemp plant. CBD is non psychoactive, (doent give you the feeling of being high.) The hemp plant has a rich history of medicinal use going back thousands of years. CBD is being tested and confirmed by scientists to have many amazing benafits. CBD is a safe and non addictive substance.

Is CBD safe for athletes

YES.... Our CBD is a THC free its a broad-spectrum distillate with the THC removed using a proprietary extraction process. The result is an ingredient with 80–90% CBD potency, as well as terpenes and other minor cannabinoids such as CBG and CBN. Our validated testing method guarantees that our distillate is always below 0.1% THC. We back our claims up by 3rd party lab tests to ensure our products are 100% safe for athletes to consume.

Why take CBD?

CBD Has many benafits such as pain relief, reduced inflamation, improved sleep, promotes quick recovery and reduces anxity to list a few. We think that athletes or anyone who lives an active life style will benafit by adding our CBD into your daily routine.


Our 0% Range

These premium products have been developed for those who are required to take routine tests for professional or work reasons. Our 0% range doesn’t use cheap isolate CBD, instead we have used a premium broad spectrum CBD distillate. 

CBD distillate vs Isolates

CBD distillate contains the whole plant profile with no THC. Distillate contains an array of active cannabinoids, vitamins, fatty acids and terpenes that are very beneficial to our bodies. These being CBG, CBN and CBC all these having great potential to optimise yourself. Distillate is for those who want to reap the benefits of the whole plant without ingesting THC.

Isolate is pure CBD that has been extracted out of the hemp plant and away from all other active and beneficial cannabinoids, isolate comes at lower price than the superior CBD distillate.

What makes hemp plants different from marijuana?

While hemp and marijuana are technically the same plant but different “breeds”. The massive difference in these plants is hemp is a type of cannabis that is grown with 0.2 % or less THC and marijuana is over 0.2 %. The hemp plant carries all the benefits that the cannabis plant can offer but without the psychoactive part.


Is CBD oil legal?

CBD is completely legal in UK, for CBD to be legal in the UK it must be must derived from the hemp plant contain less than 0.2% THC. 

How long till i feel effects?

CBD Oil, that is absorbed under the tongue, provides quick relief and takes about the 5 -20 minutes to be fully absorbed. Topical cream and balms take around 15- 30 minutes, after applied to an isolated area. When CBD is ingested with food it takes 30 mins - 2 hours to be absorbed.

The difference between CBD and THC?

CBD will not intoxicate you and work well within the body. THC is the psychoactive part given you the euphoric ‘high’ feeling