Liv4 Organics is striving to maintain ethically sourced and organic natural material. A lot of time and attention goes into our CBD. From picking the perfect seed, hand cut harvest, and safe and efficient delivery, our CBD is nurtured from soil to soul. 

At Liv4, we are conscious of our carbon footprint, so we have minimised our packaging and made it almost 100% recyclable.
What we sell is strictly GMO-free, natural, organic and vegan CBD. We are fully compliant with MHRA and UK governmental regulations. 

Based in the Scottish highlands, Liv4 Organics was co-founded and driven by a passion to spread the word about CBD. Our aim is to challenge the stigma surrounding CBD products, and focus on its benefits to better human health and wellbeing. CBD has personally benefitted our lives and many others around us, so we want to spread the message and supply a high quality natural product to the world. 

We have done extensive research to bring the purest most natural CBD oil to the market at an affordable price. Our products use organic hemp from responsible resources and trusted farmers in the EU. All our products are manufactured using supercritical carbon dioxide extraction process, this means our CBD is extracted with minimal plant/cannabinoid destruction keeping all of its goodness straight from the earth to you. 

Our hemp is grown the way nature intended, with non genetically modified plants that are grown under the sun, handpicked and naturally dried. Our oils and balms are placed into our bespoke, water tight bottles with no risk of contamination. Our products are lab tested and we can guarantee our CBD is free from pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and heavy metals. We make no compromises when it comes to our product quality, with continuous quality control and redevelopment to bring you the best premium quality CBD products.